Q: What does the status 'Awaiting Reviewer,' 'Accept' mean?

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The term "Awaiting Reviewer" means that the Editor has sent invitations to two or more reviewers for reviewing your manuscript but the Editor has still not received any response from them.If the reviewers respond that they will review your manuscript, the status will change to "Under Review".

The term "Accept" means that your manuscript has been accepted by the journal and it will be sent to production in the next stage.


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There may not be an actual dual status such as this. So, you could check the exact status. But if it is, it probably means the following. ‘Awaiting Reviewer’ means that the manuscript has been sent to the peer reviewers. The ‘Accept’ perhaps means that it is awaiting the peer reviewers’ acceptance – that is, their readiness to review the manuscript. You may learn more through this similar related query: What does the journal status "Awaiting reviewer reply" mean?

And to learn more about journal statuses in general, you may pick up this resourceful handbook: A guide to understanding journal statuses

Hope that helps. All the best for your manuscript!