Q: What does the status "Editor Assigned" indicate?

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I have submitted a paper to a Springer journal on 21st July. The status now is "Editor Assigned." What does it actually mean? What will be the forethcoming stages? Please help.

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Your paper is currently in the initial stages of the journal workflow. The status "Editor Assigned" means that your paper has been assigned to an Associate Editor (AE) who will be in charge of it. The AE will do an initial screening of the manuscript to check its overall scientific value and match with the scope of the paper, after which the paper will either receive a desk rejection or be sent for peer review.

The next status will most probably be “With Editor.” However, some journals may skip this stage and move directly to the next one. If the status changes to "Under review," you can rest assured that your paper has cleared the initial editorial screening.

However, if the status changes directly to "Decision in process" after "Editor assigned" or "With Editor," it is an indication that your paper might be rejected without review.

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