Q: What does the "With Editor" status mean for Elsevier journals?

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I've submitted a paper to an Elsevier journal. They sent me a mail a month ago stating that it is with the editor-in-chief. Recently I received another email that my paper is now with the associate editor. However, the status on the online submission system remains the same: "with editor." What does it mean? Thanks in advance.

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Possibly, the journal uses the status "With editor" till the time the paper has gone for review. The interim stages are not reflected in the submission system. But it is commendable that the journal has been informing you of the status changes that are not reflected in the system. The status is likely to remain the same for some more time till the Associate Editor completes the editorial check and sends the paper out for review. Most probably, the status will change to "Under review" once the peer review process starts.

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