Q: What is a literature review?

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Please help me with a literature review. I'm writing a research on the perception of students towards audiology lectures.

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Hello Bilyaminu – Welcome to the forum!

A literature review is a study and analysis of the existing literature or studies around a topic, in your case, the perception of students towards audiology lectures. So, you need to find out (through a literature search) and go through current studies to know what they say about the topic. When going through others’ studies, you may come across gaps in those studies that you may consider addressing in your study.

Also, there are two kinds of literature review. One is done and written as a part of a main paper, toward the end of the Introduction section. The other is a paper of its own, that is, the entire paper is the literature review.

This is merely an overview of literature reviews. For more information and for help with developing your review, you should find the following resources useful:

Hope that helps. All the best for your review!