Q: What is meant by 'Code availability (software application or custom code)' during submission?

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I am required to mention ‘Code availability (software application or custom code)’ in the body text of the manuscript. What does this mean? If I have nothing really to mention, how should I respond? Or, if anything needs to be mentioned, what should I write?

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This seems to be from a submission guideline or checklist, possibly for one of Springer Nature’s journals such as this one. This is basically relevant if your paper is in computer science, a related field, or an interdisciplinary field in which computation is one of the fields. Based on your query, this doesn’t seem to be so. So, you can let this be.

Note that a submission checklist is meant to be comprehensive/all-inclusive. That is, it includes a list of all items that all authors submitting to the journal or publisher may need to submit. However, the entire list may not be applicable to an individual author, but only a part of it, as in this case.

Anyway, as you are the verge of submission, firstly, all the best! For the final stages before the submission, you may find these resources helpful:

Also, all the best for the next stages!