Q: What is significance of the study in research?

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Your question is not very clear. Moreover, it does not include a question description, so I cannot form an idea of what exactly you wish to know based on the context. Do you wish to know how to highlight the significance of the research findings in your manuscript? Or is your question about "statistical significance"? 

In case your question is about the former, you can showcase the significance of your study in the Results and Discussion sections. For this, you will need to analyze the data you have accumulated in depth and present relevant and important findings in the Results section. In the Discussion, you should refer to other published papers and compare their results to yours and bring forth the highlights of your results. You need to mention why and how does your result(s) contribute positively or make an impact in your area of study.

If you are referring to “statistical significance,” you will need to perform the relevant statistical analysis using well-known and accepted statistical software packages like SigmaPlot, SPSS, or GraphPad Prism and derive statistically important data from your analyses.

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