Q: What is the best title for library and information science in this new normal setting?

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Your question doesn’t seem to be clear. You have asked about (suggesting) a title for the field of library and information science. Perhaps you mean for a topic in library and information science. Even then, as you would know your topic the best, you would probably be the best person to come up with the title. However, as pointers, you may first come up with a working title when you start off on the topic/paper, and then, once your study/paper is complete, refine that into the final title. For help with which, you may refer to the following resources:

Note: The first covers more ground, also talking about the abstract and keywords. The second is focused on titles. Also, it’s available on R Upskill, a related platform providing learning programs for various aspects of a researcher’s work. For a limited period, the entire suite on courses on R Upskill is available for free, so do check it out.

Hope that helps. All the best for coming up with the title and writing the paper!