Q: What is the definition of independent dataset?

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I want to know the definition of “independent dataset” which is often found in papers.

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A dataset is a set or collection of data about various factors studied about people or objects in a study. Thus, in a study on athletes’ diet and weight, for example, there may be several datasets, such as diet of football players, diet of baseball players, diet of judo players (and so on) and weight of football players, weight of baseball players, weight of judo players (and so on). That is, diet of football players is one dataset, diet of baseball players is another dataset, and so on.

Independent datasets are those that do not depend on each other. For example, in this study, the dataset ‘diet of football players’ does not depend on the dataset ‘diet of baseball players’. Dependent datasets, in contrast, are those that depend on each other. For example, the dataset ‘weight of football players’ depends on the dataset ‘diet of football players’. Datasets are simply ways of organizing the varied data in an experiment and are typically done so in a tabular format.

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