Q: What is the exact status of my submission to one of the IET journals?

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I submitted a paper to one of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) journals. The status is showing as completed. Let me know when I shall receive the proper result as it is not showing as either accepted or rejected.

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You haven’t mentioned how long ago you submitted the paper and if there were any status updates until now. Anyway, by ‘proper result,’ you are probably referring to the initial or first decision on the paper. As per the FAQs on their site, they will provide a first decision about one-and-a-half months after submission for Letters documents and about two months later for IET Research journals. Based on which type of manuscript you submitted and how long ago you did so, you may arrive at an assessment of when the first decision may be communicated.

Having said that, if the status is showing as completed as you said, you’ll probably hear from them soon. In case you don’t hear from them for, say, two more weeks, you may write to them seeking an update. Hope that helps.

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