Q: What is the impact factor (IF) of the journal with the number ISSN: 2350-1488?

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This journal has the generic name ‘ISSN Journals.’ Also, there is a cluster of journals in various disciplines, each with their own International Standard Serial Number (ISSN), within this journal. The journal is managed by Dr JK Research Foundation, Chennai, India. However, while there is a site for the journal, there is none for the managing organization. There seems to be no mention of the journal’s IF on the site, or on any of the databases we searched, such as the Master Journal List (MJL) and the ISSN Portal. This could be due to several reasons.

  • The journal may not be well established, and so, few or none of the papers published in it would have received citations.
  • It is not clear how old the journal is. If it is less than two years old, it will not have an IF, as IF is calculated for citations received in the previous two years.
  • It could be a predatory or bogus journal. When we evaluated it against our checklist for identifying predatory publishers, it seems legitimate in some aspects (such as having an editorial board and a nominal price for publishing open access) but not in some aspects (such as having a generic name and not having any information about its parent organization). So, rather than a predatory journal, it may just be, as we already mentioned, that it’s not a well-established journal.

If you are considering submitting to this journal, you will need to keep the above points in mind and proceed accordingly.

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