Q: What is the importance or use of the future tense in daily communication?

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Hello Edward – Welcome to the forum! Please note that our site is about research/academic communication rather than general communication. All the same, we shall provide some response to your query.

The future tense is as important/useful as the other tenses in daily communication. It is used to connote some action that we or others will follow in the time to come (whether short-term or long-term) or some event or action that will take place in the time to follow.

In scientific writing, the present tense and the past tense are used through most of the paper. The future tense is used only in the Discussion section, when talking of possible next steps after the present research. You may learn more about the use of the different tenses in research writing through this resource: The secret to using tenses in scientific writing

Hope that helps. All the best for your assignment!