Q: What is the meaning of "archiving completed" status?

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My manuscript has been rejected due to a seroius misapprehension so I made an answer to the Editor, expounding all of the comments and questions of the reviewers including the revised manuscript indeed. After that our papers status changed to : "archiving completed." What does it mean?

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Thanks for your question. The status "Archiving  completed" usually appears when a manuscript is rejected; what it means is that the manuscript is no longer "active" in the journal submission system and has been filed away in the journal's archives of rejected manuscripts.  

When you received a rejection notice, did the editor invite you to respond to the reviewers' comments and submit a revised manuscript? I don't think you were expected to do that. I think the editor would have updated the status as "rejected" and considered the submission process closed for that particular manuscript, after which the system would have archived the manuscript.

It would be best for you to submit to a different journal, unless the editor has invited you to resubmit as a completely new submission. In the latter case, you need not provide responses to reviewer comments but just make the necessary changes to your manuscript and submit afresh.

Hope this helps. Good luck!

Answer: Since your paper has already been accepted, the status 'archived' means that it has been included in the journal's internal database and does not need any editorial action/evaluation. This will be accessible to all the readers of this journal and to all authors if the journal operates on a hybrid or open access publishing model. Your corrections will be handled by the journal's editing and post publication team. The latest version of the manuscript will be archived and made available to readers.