Q: What is the meaning of the status "Awaiting Production Checklist"?

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After the second round of revision, the status of my manuscript changed from "awaiting ED final processing" to “awaiting production checklist”. Also, the journal has accepted my article. So, what does the status “awaiting production checklist” mean?

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Firstly, congrats on your paper being accepted! We believe you would have received an acceptance email after which the status of the manuscript would move to "awaiting production checklist." This is the stage where the manuscript is queued for printing/online publication. In some cases, the "awaiting production checklist" status is a clickable link or requires a checklist to be completed. I recommend that you check whether there is a link provided with the status you see. If so, please click on it and follow subsequent steps. If not, there's nothing to worry about - the manuscript is in the process of being finalized and published :-)

And you may wish to prepare for the proofing stage by going through these resources:

All the best in taking your paper toward publication! And again, congrats!