Q: What is the measurable variable in my topic?

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I cannot identify any measurable variable. My topic is 'Induction of labour in nulliparous women with unfavorable cervix: Comparison [of] foley catheter and vaginal prostaglandin.' The aim is 'Identify maternal and neonatal outcomes.'

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Unfortunately, it may not be possible for us to identify the measurable variable for your topic. This would not be right on our part as your research project is intended to help assess your understanding both of the topic and of the research methodology. However, we can guide you on this. Also, we have made minor edits to the statement of the topic and the aim for greater clarity.

The measurable variable, as the name suggests, is the variable that is measured in an experiment. It is the dependent variable (DV), which depends on changes to the independent variable (IV). Any experiment studies the effects on the DV resulting from changes to the IV. There can be both multiple IVs in an experiment as well as multiple DVs. For more information, you may refer to this resource.

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