Q: What is the possible program matrix for the study of language proficiency and spelling performance?

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[I am working on an] intervention plan.

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It seems you are working on an intervention program for primary school students with an aim to improve their language/spelling skills or for students learning/studying a second or third language (or something along these lines). Therefore, you are having to develop a program matrix for this intervention.

These matrices need much thinking, planning, researching, referencing, and revising before they are finalized. They also involve charting out various stages for the growth, keeping in mind the various challenges/objectives, and are therefore very detailed. However, if yours is for primary students, it may obviously not need to be so.

Anyway, a detailed explanation here would take up too much space, and a short one may be insufficient. So, we shall provide a few references, a couple that are closer to your field (one simple, one complex; yours may end up between the two) and the third closer to ours.

  • For a slightly simpler matrix, you may refer to this one.
  • For a more complex one (in the area of child/adolescent mental health), you may refer to this one.
  • For the Researcher Development Framework (RDF) developed by Vitae, which identifies skills and capabilities for researchers to build across their career, you may refer here.

In case you are looking for help with experimental design (for when you wish to test your matrix or some aspects of it), you may consider using our Experimental Design service.

Additionally, you may find it helpful to go through these other resources around experimental design:

Hope that helps. All the best for your program!