Q: What is the process for a rejected manuscript that has been revised and resubmitted?

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Hi all, Recently I received an email from the editor of a relatively high-rank journal that my manuscript was rejected according to the associate editor comments, but he encouraged me to resubmit it after a serious revision. And the next submission should include point-by-point responses to the associate editor comments. I did it and resubmitted about 7 days ago. The online status of my manuscript appeared line "contacting to potential reviewer" three times and "under review" two times. However, today I received an email from the journal that they have just received my submission and passed it to the initial quality control. Is it kind of totally new submission while the current one's status is still under review. So would you please help me out with this issue? Any opinions on my case? Best.

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Usually, for a manuscript that is rejected without peer review, it is treated as a completely new submission. Of course, the editor will definitely check how far you have incorporated the Associate Editor's suggestions. However, the process followed will be similar to a new submission. However, I'm not sure why the status changed erratically. One possibility is that there's something wrong with the system, which is why the journal is communicating with you via email. For now, I think it would be best to rely on the email updates rather than the status on the online submission system. If you don't receive any email from the journal in the next couple of weeks, it might be a good idea to write to the journal mentioning the erratic status changes and asking whether you should go by the online system or contact the journal from time to time for updates on the status.

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