Q: What is the "research square" option when submitting to a journal under Springer?

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There is an option for "research square" when submitting to a journal under Springer. What is "research square"? I heard that you can submit the manuscript directly to this platform so that your research content will not be plagiarized by others. Is that true? Thanks in advance.

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Thank you for your question. Research square is a free public preprint repository. Springer Nature and Research Square are partnering to provide a free preprinting service to all authors. However, submitting your manuscript to Research Square is optional and does not have any impact on the journal’s editorial decisions.

A preprint is a version of a scientific manuscript posted on a public server before formal peer review. As soon as it’s posted the preprint will receive its own unique DOI and your preprint becomes a permanent part of the scientific record. Therefore, if any one plagiarises work prior to your manuscript being published in any journal it will be flagged against your submission in the preprint.

You may find these resources very helpful to understand preprints and is advantages.

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