Q: What should be the affiliation of a co-author who has currently moved to the industry?

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I want to add a graduate of the university where I belonged to before and performed the early stage of my current research, as an author of the manuscript. Currently he is working in a company after graduating from teh university. How should I mention his affiliation?

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Since your colleague was affiliated to the university when he made the contribution to your study, I think you should use his university affiliation. However, since the manuscript was probably completed and finalized after he started working in his current position, it might be a good idea to include his professional affiliation as well.

You can do either of the following:

1. List the university affiliation with a footnote mentioning his current affiliation 

2. List both the academic and professional affiliation

I would prefer the second option since he was already working with this company when the manuscript was written and finalized.

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