Q: What should be the status after submission of a revised manuscript?

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I have submitted one manuscript to an Elsevier journal. I got reviewer comments within 1.5 months. Both the reviewers appreciated the work and had some questions and suggestions for improvement. Around 12 days after submission of my revised manuscript, the Editor sent me an email that the manuscript will be handled by the associate editor, but the status was still "With Editor". Finally, 18 days later, the status changed to "Under review." I am confused about this status. Does it mean that they sent the revised manuscript for peer review again or they sent it to the original reviewers?

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The status descriptions for each stage of the journal review process varies across journals. However, generally speaking, the statuses are pretty much the same as those that you can see from initial submission to first decision. Once the revised manuscript is submitted, it is first assigned to an associate editor, and the status shows "With Editor." The editor then sends it for another round of peer review, and the status changes to "Under review."

In most cases, the paper is sent to the same reviewers who reviewed it the first time as they are already familiar with the paper and would find it quicker and easier to check whether the suggested changes have been made. However, sometimes the editor might choose to send it to another reviewer if he/she feels that it is better to have a fresh perspective on the paper. The editor has complete freedom in this matter. However, 

I don't think you need to worry about your paper being sent to a different reviewer. If you have made the revisions satisfactorily, things will work in your favor.

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