Q: What should I do for a review article if there are only about 10 old studies for the topic?

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I have to write a review article, but for the review, it has been said that only the latest articles should be reviewed. The topic I have selected has only 5-6 related studies and or of the period before 2010. What should I do, as there are no significant numbers of recent studies? How should I write the review article?

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“I have to write a review article” implies that you have no choice in the matter. Your difficulty, namely that you have managed to find only a few studies published in the last ten years or so relevant to the topic you have selected, can be overcome in several ways. If you have selected the topic, is it possible for you to broaden it? Perhaps a topic on which so few papers have been published is not ready for a review? By broadening the scope of your topic, you may get some more relevant papers. Another way is to extend your search beyond the last ten years (assuming that such studies are relevant). Perhaps you have confined your searches only to English: try retrieving papers in the language of the country that has conducted some good research on the topic. Lastly, see if you can search more exhaustively. Editage Insights offers you some tips; check, for example, “8-winning-hacks-to-use-google-scholar-for-your-research-paper”.


For many more articles on the topic, look up https://www.editage.com/insights/categories/literature-search?refer=article-detail-category

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