Q: What should I do if papers published after mine in the same journal have appeared on PubMed but not mine?

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My paper has been published in an open access (OA) journal that is indexed in MEDLINE. However, my paper has not yet appeared in PubMed, although papers published after mine in the same journal are in PubMed. What should I do?

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Firstly, congrats on having your paper published! :-) However, the good news seems to have got watered down a bit by the issue you are facing. :-/

Anyway, based on your situation, the only possibility we can think of is that your paper was meant for a special issue and others’ papers were for regular issues. If that is the case, perhaps a special issue for this journal has a longer embargo period (timeline before which it appears on PubMed) than regular issues.

It would be best to write to the journal editor to find out more. They would be best suited to help you. Hopefully, the matter will get sorted out soon. For now, you may also refer to this similar query by another researcher: Why is my accepted article not listed on PubMed?

In the meantime, apart from having your paper available on a research database, you may begin thinking about how else to share and communicate your research. In which case, you may find these resources helpful:

All the best for the next actions!