Q: What should I do if the drop-down menu on the journal submission site is not responding?

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I submitted a manuscript tothe International Journal of Impact Engineering (IJIE) two days ago, but there was a problem in the submission process. In the third step to "provide additional information," I needed to select the "service category" from the drop-down menu, but it did not open. To solve this problem, I changed three browsers, two personal accounts, and three computers but nothing worked. Did anyone ever encounter such a problem before? Thank you very much in advance for your advice.

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A possible reason for the drop-down menu not loading could be a technical error. Sometimes the working of a site can be hampered due to technical errors, in which case you can contact the journal through email. If the submission process of your manuscript was incomplete and the site  stopped responding in the middle of the submission, then you can send an email to the journal and ask them for further assistance.

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