Q: What should I expect if manuscript changed to "reviewers invited" to "reviews received" on the same day?

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I recently submitted a journal in ecotoxicology and on research square, the status changed from "reviewers invited" to "reviews received" on May 15th. However, the status of the manuscript on editorial manager is still "under review". Which one is more reliable?

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Thank you for the query. We understand that you have submitted your manuscript to a Journal in Ecotoxicology and to a pre-print server (Research square). For each of the submissions the status will be updated on the relevant platform. Editorial Manager will give you an update on the status of the submission to the journal, while research square will be pertaining to the pre-print submission. The status, "Reviewers received" implies that suitable reviewers have agreed to review the paper.

We wish you the very best with your submission!