Q: What tip would you have liked to have known in your beginning(s) in research?

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For example, which courses or skills you must do or know – and any other helpful tip!

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Hi Andres,

No matter how passionate you are about research, make sure that there is funding in the field of your interest. Without money, research is rather difficult and no amount of passion will help you complete what you started out to do.

Also, I have learnt over the years that equally important to carrying out research is the necessity to communicate it to others, to both other researchers and the general public. This may or may not be a skill you currently have, but is definitely one to acquire!


Great points, Shivanee!

Andres, for the points Shivanee brought up, you may find the following resources useful:


Thanks for your answer Shivanee!

Fortunately, I do research in medicine as a complement to my general practice. I think is an essential part of this profession


Oh, that's really great to know, Andres. :-)


Hey Andres! As a way of "paying it forward," would you wish to respond to this similar new question by another researcher, also looking for tips of some sort (though about wet and dry labs)?