Q: When asked to clarify a point to the reviewer, should I do so in the paper itself or the response to reviewer?

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I got comment from reviewer of one point which he ask to calrify one point in the document (why was a triple marker offered to a 39 year old women? Is it a routine practice in your setting? Did we offer quadruple? or was it not available? Please clarify this in the document.) So I responded to the comment that this is routine settings in our setting Should I have added this also to the manuscript ? or it’s ok to response by comment?

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Thank you for your query! One of the great strengths of the peer review system is that reviewer comments allow you to present a more well-rounded, comprehensive, and compelling account of your work, so taking advantage of any points of improvement raised by the reviewer, by making the relevant change to the manuscript, ensures you also improve the presentation of your study to your readership. Moreover, especially when reviewers raise clarification points around methodology, they may be raising questions that other academic peers would also have when reading the same manuscript, so it is a good idea to make such changes to the manuscript as well as clarifying the point for the reviewer’s own benefit. On the whole, there are good reasons to make changes to the manuscript in accordance with reviewer comments and usually very minimal drawbacks to make those changes, so the general recommendation would be to revise the manuscript accordingly, though of course it is always best to examine the specific case under consideration before making this decision.