Q: Which journal is easy to get an acceptance?

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I am currently in a masters course, and I am going to enter a doctoral course next year, in 2020. For that, I need to present a peer reviewed paper as a research achievement, so I am going to submit a manuscript to a journal.

Which journal should I aim for? My research field is Business Administration. Thank you for your advice.

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It is difficult to recommend any journal without going through the entire manuscript. However, I can give you some generic guidance on choosing a journal for submitting your paper.

I would advise you to not aim to choose a journal that is easy to get an acceptance. Usually, journals that guarantee acceptance are not to be trusted. You should be very careful when selecting a target journal for your paper as the fate of your paper depends to a large extent on this.

When you are assessing whether a journal is appropriate for your paper, the foremost thing you should check is the legitimacy of the journal. To avoid publishing in journals of sub-standard quality or falling into the trap of predatory journals, find out whether the journal is considered prestigious in your field. If it is, then this is a sign of the journal that has high publishing standards. 

Moreover, always check the journal's website carefully. If it guarantees publication in a very short period of time, lacks contact details, fails to mention details about publication fees, etc. you should dive deeper and find out more information before coming to a decision regarding your submission.

A few other important things that you should check is whether the journal's scope matches your article's focus, whether it publishes an online copy of its publications, and whether it is open access or paywalled. Having a clear understanding of these will help you assess the audience and outreach of the journal, and you can then make an informed decision. 

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I hope this helps you.