Q: Which journal is the best source for research in educational topics?

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I am going to research on a topic in education. Which journal can I use as a best source for that?

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There are various journals on the topic of education. However, some journals specialize in certain fields within the overarching field of education (e.g., education in a certain country, the use of technology in education, teacher education, special education, language education, etc.) If your research pertains to a specialized area, please refer to journals dealing with that field, in addition to the following journals:

  • Journal of Education
  • International Journal of Educational Research
  • Review of Educational Research (RER)
  • Educational Researcher (ER)

Note that these are only some of the journals you can refer to, and this list is not exhaustive by any means—there are many other education-related journals out there.

Hope that helps. Additionally, as you seem to be a doing a literature search and/or review, you may find the following resources useful: