Q: Which of the below journals has a higher acceptance rate and publishes faster?

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Can anybody please tell me which of the two journals below has a higher acceptance rate for manufacturing processes?

  • Journal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering
  • The International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Also, which journal takes less time?
I want to publish a paper in a Scopus that has at least an Impact Factor (IF) of 1.

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Going by the journals’ respective websites, the International Journal of Advanced Manufacturing Technology will take less time (62 days between submission and first decision and 154 days between submission and acceptance). The corresponding numbers for the Brazilian journal are 78 and 231.

The impact factor of each is greater than 1. As for the rate of acceptance, this information is not readily available, but no harm in writing to their editors to find out!

Incidentally, several websites can help you in finding a suitable journal. You can paste the title and the abstract of your paper in the space provided, and the website suggests a few journals based on the text you provided. Some of these websites are specific to publishers, such as Elsevier, Springer, and Wiley. Web of Science has a similar service, through its Master Journal Finder (MJF). If you wish to confine the search to open-access journals, try Open Journal Matcher. And of course, there’s also our own journal selection service: Editage Journal Selection

For more insights and information on journal selection and impact factor, you may refer to the following resources:

All the best for arriving at a decision, and even more importantly, for submission and publication!

[With inputs from Yateendra Joshi]