Q: Which reference should I cite when one article references another article?

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Suppose I have read a methodology section of a study from article A that I have to cite in my article. However, article A has followed its method from article B. So, while writing my article, which reference should I cite, A or B?

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What you have here is a case of a primary source (article B) and a secondary source (article A). The answer to your query would depend on whether you now plan to use the method from article B or continue using it from article A. This in turn would depend on whether you have access to article B in order to be able to reference and cite it. If you don’t have access and/or wish to use the method as mentioned in article A, that’s fine. You can proceed by referring to the secondary source (article A) in your main text and then mentioning the primary source (article B) in parenthesis. For an example of how to do this, you may refer to this similar query: How should I include a citation when quoting a passage second hand without referring to the original paper?

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Hope that helps. As it looks like you are probably doing a review, all the best for your paper!