Q: Which section is best to discuss the results of the research?

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To get to your query straight away, while it’s best to only mention the results in the Results section of the manuscript, it’s best to discuss the results in the Discussion section. In the latter, you get a chance to analyze and dissect your findings, and toward the end, also talk about possible next steps for your research and/for other researchers studying the same topic. To make it easy to know what goes into Results vis-à-vis Discussion, here’s a simple infographic: 5 Differences between the results and discussion sections

And for more help on the two sections, you may refer to the following resources:

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To start with the first action in your query, when there is a redirection, there is typically no request for changes, as changes, if any, need to come from the other journal. The redirect is a simple, straightforward redirect.

Next, you all seem to have done the right thing by not proceeding with the as-yet unlaunched journal. Its launch may get delayed, plus it will take a while to establish its credentials and at least two years to get an impact factor (IF).

Now, coming to your query, while it’s not necessary to disclose the matter of the redirection and your declining to the new journal you are targeting, it’s the nice thing to do. In your cover letter, you may make a short mention of this. In case the journal is interested in knowing more, you may provide additional details. We think this could also communicate how astutely you are thinking about your manuscript and publication goals, but that could be just our opinion. :-)

For help with selecting the next journal, you may find this resource helpful: [Journal selection guide] Questions you should ask to make the right choice

And for communicating with the journal, you may find the below resources handy:

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