Q: Which test should I use, a parametric test or a non-parametric test?

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Our teacher wants us to write the data analysis procedure of our research, which includes determining whether we will use a parametric test or a non-parametric test. As we haven't yet conducted our study, we cannot determine the normality of our data distribution.

PS. Our study is about the relationship between the use of technology by and the academic performance of students. So, we will be using Pearson's r as the statistical method in our data analysis.

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Hello Joshua – Welcome back to the forum! We see you’ve had a few questions around this project (such as this earlier one), and we’re happy to point you to the relevant resources.

So, deciding whether to use a parametric or non-parametric test involves a consideration of various factors, such as the distribution and size of the sample, other sample properties, as well as the statistical tests to be conducted. For more detailed information, you may refer to this external resource. And on our site, here are a couple of related queries by other researchers/academics that you may find relevant:

Again, all the best for your project!