Q: While disclosing conflicts of interest, should I include research projects for which I am not the lead author?

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In the Conflict of Interest section, should I need to mention the research projects that I'm involved in while I'm receiving my research allowances, even if I am not leading the research? 

I am a student doing research but I wonder whether I should be putting all my ongoing researches in the section of Conflict of Interest. As all these studies are led  by my Chief Professor, he is already including them in his conflicts of interest section. Do I also have to add mine even if they are the same as my professor's? 

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I think it is best to include the names of all the research projects you are involved in, even if you are not leading them. You could mention in brackets that these projects are led by your Professor and you are part of the research team. While disclosing conflicts of interest (COI), it is always better to include whatever you are unsure about than run the risk of not disclosing a potential COI. Another option would be to send an inquiry to the editor explaining that you are unsure about whether to include these research projects, and wait for his/her answer. 

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