Q: Why did the status change to 1 review completed only an hour after invitations were sent to reviewers?

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A month after I submitted my manuscript, the status changed from with editor to under review. In the manuscript tracker, it said 2 invitations were sent and 0 invitations were accepted. An hour after, the status changed to 1 review completed! How is that possible? How did they complete a review in just an hour? Is it s bad sign?

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Thank you for your question!

This could be an error on the system, or the reviewer who accepted the invite might not be a suitable candidate. Hence, he gave up. It is not possible to complete the review within an hour, even if the verdict is negative. Therefore, we recommend that you wait for the final decision from the journal. You may consider following up with the journal about the status of reviews, but not so soon as it has only been a month.

Wish you good luck in your publication journey!