Q: Why do we need to limit the scope of the study?

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In simple words, the scope of a study refers to all the aspects that it will cover or the boundaries within which it will be performed. This means that researchers have to define what the study is focusing on. Similarly, they have to define what the study is not going to cover (these often comprise the limitations of the study).

The scope is always decided in the preliminary stages of a study. A well-defined research or study scope that is not too broad enables researchers to give clarity to the outcomes that are to be investigated. It clarifies why specific data points have been collected whilst others have been excluded. Without this, it is difficult to define an end point for a study or complete it within a reasonable time frame since no limits have been defined on the work that could take place.

The scope of the study should typically cover the general aim of the study along with the topics/theories that the researcher plans to discuss and the sample, duration, and geographical location of the study. Also, you should consider the feasibility and generalizability of your study before you write down the scope.

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