Q: Why has the status of my paper remained at 'Revision submitted to journal'?

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I submitted the paper after revision, but the status remains as ‘Revision submitted to journal’ and has stayed that way. In the previous rounds, it had changed shortly after to ‘With Editor.’

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Firstly, it’s great that your manuscript has progressed thus far. The ‘delay’ could be because the Associate Editor (AE) has many other manuscript at various stages of the publication process to deal with. Some could be at submission, some at peer review, some at revision, and some at decision. Plus, if it’s a leading journal, they would have even more manuscripts to deal with. It may also be that the reviewer(s) is/are presently not available to review the revisions. So, the editor has decided not to pick it up until the reviewer(s) is/are available.

Now, you haven’t mentioned how many days it is since the submission. If it’s just been a few days, you could wait for some time to see if there’s an update. If the status doesn’t change for some more days, you could write to the editor requesting an update. Obviously, you are eager to know the outcome of your manuscript. So, your concern is very valid. :-)

Until then, you may refer to these resources for more insights on decision-making on the journal side:

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