Q: Why scholars don't want to contribute papers to an early-stage academic journal?

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Sometimes when l extend a manuscript invitation to scholars who are from similar fields, they usually reply to me that they will not contribute or will think about it. As a journal with no fee charged, in an early-stage, not predatory journal, l want to know why.

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There are two main reasons why scholars may not consider early-stage academic journals. A) The outreach of the research papers may be limited because these journals are generally not widely referenced or may not turn up frequently on a web search. B) It is easier to trust an established journal than an early-stage journal especially considering several predatory journals going rounds in the market. 

If the editorial board includes recognized experts and this is communicated well when inviting authors to contribute, scholars will consider early-stage academic journals for publishing their papers. Researchers may also connect with the vision that a new journal sets forth; thus, this also must be underscored in all forms of communication (invitation e-mails and website).

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