Q: Will the article I plan to write be categorized as a review article?

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Hi, I want to write a paper about an infectious disease prevalent in the northern part of the world. It will be a case history summary of others’ articles. Will it be a review article? My second question is, I am a doctoral student and also working. Can I list my school and hospital both in my affiliations?

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A review article is a careful and critical assessment of the existing literature on a particular topic that attempts to summarize the current state of understanding on the topic. Unlike a research article, a review article examines the evidence presented in other articles, rather than conducting experiments or undertaking research to produce evidence. In your article, you plan to evaluate the work that others have done on the topic. You are not conducting experiments yourself. Therefore, the article that you plan to write will be a review article. 
Regarding your second question, it should be fine to list both your school and hospital in your affiliations. In fact, your affiliation with the hospital will strengthen your credibility as it will be clear that you have practical experience as well.