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Working with Words—Editing and Editage

Abhishek Goel | May 12, 2014 | 12,414 views
Working with Words—Editing and Editage

This paper (link to full article below) was published in the report of the two-day conference hosted by the National Museum of Ethnology in Osaka: ‘Research Writing in Japan: Cultural, Personal and Practical Perspectives’ (15-16th March, 2003).



Most people do not write as effectively as they speak, and this makes editing indispensable for good writing. Simply put, editing is the process of refining a document to achieve the best possible presentation of the author’s work. The internet revolution has made it possible for authors to avail of editing serves from anywhere in the world and find the editor best suited to the content and purpose of their document, their schedules, and even their budgets. Quality and speed are the two obvious hallmarks of a good editing service. Less obvious is the fact that editing needs to have an educational bent to it, so that authors can learn from the process and, in the absence of an edit, can at least survive if not succeed as writers.



Goel, Abhishek, and Shreya Baliga. "Working with Words—Editing and Editage." PJ Matthews and J. Akamine eds. Research Writing in Japan Senri Ethnological Reports (2004): 141-150.


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