Q: Would my revised proof be handled as a latest version if submitted by email?

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My paper was accepted by a medical journal (impact factor: in the higher 2 points) of Wolters Kluwer Health. I finished the author proof and sent my task to “assignment files”, but I found a mistake on my proof in the next day. Since I could not save the revised version on the assignment files any more, I sent the revised proof in PDF with an apology and the explanation of replacement of the document to Proof Manager who informed me about proof. The revised proof was duly highlighted for easy reference.

In this occasion, would my revised proof be handled as a latest version? Also, how long should I wait for the response?

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Since the correct version of the revised version has been marked for easy reference in the submission system, it will be available to the editorial staff of the journals. It is likely to be handled as the latest version. However, to confirm this assumption, you may send a mail to the editorial office of the journal informing them about the correct revised file.

Although every journal has its own workflow, usually a confirmation of receiving the galley proof or the intimation of a paper being published is sent within a couple of days. If you have not heard from the journal within 2-3 business days, you may try to reach out to the editorial office.

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