Q: Would two manuscripts using the same data but with different methods be a case of salami slicing?

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I submitted a manuscript on the analysis of a questionnaire (survey). While preparing for its submission, I did another analysis with the same data but using a different method. If I prepare another manuscript using the second analysis and submit to another journal, would that be a case of salami slicing?

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The response to this would depend on a couple of things: how different were the results based on the second analysis and, before that, how different was the research question. If the research question looks at an entirely new direction from the original question, this may warrant a new paper. If not, it’s probably another way of looking at the same research question. Based on simply the matter of the dataset though, this would be a case of salami slicing.

What we would suggest is to wait to hear from the first journal. Your paper is probably under review there. If it comes back for a revision and if the new analysis answers the same question, you could probably include this during the revision. In case it’s a major revision, one of the changes you may need to make may well be using the other method you have. So, again, that could go in the same paper. As you see, it’s probably best for now to wait to hear from the journal you have already submitted to before deciding on your next steps.

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