Handbook: Write a compelling abstract - Practical advice for researchers

Write a compelling abstract - Practical advice for researchers

A well written abstract increases the visibility of your research paper. This guide will teach you to write a compelling, concise and effective abstract that will help in getting your research paper high readership. 

In this e-guide, you will: 

1. Understand the different types of abstracts 
2. Get actionable tips to make your abstract compelling to journal editors 
2. Follow the 9-step method to end up with an abstract that is the perfect snapshot of your paper
3. Learn through examples - find a side-by-side comparison of abstract samples to understand the qualities of a great abstract

What you will find in this digital handbook

1. Of movie trailers and abstracts
2. Types of abstracts
3. How to write an abstract- Simple steps to perfection
4. What not to do – Why abstracts get rejected
5. Samples of abstracts
6. Conclusion

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This handbook covers everything you need to write a compelling abstract.

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