Handbook: Write the perfect Methods section - Showcase your work accurately

Write the perfect Methods section - Showcase your work accurately

Wouldn’t it be the best testimonial to your research if someone reproduces your findings successfully? And what better way there is to make this possible than writing a detailed and easy-to-comprehend Materials and Methods section!

This will help you to

  1. Draft a well-written methods section
  2. Enhance the credibility of your research
  3. Give you tips, checklists, videos, and expert guidelines
  4. Arm you with all the nitty-gritties of writing an effective Materials and Methods section

What you will find in this digital handbook?

  1. Of recipes and materials & methods
  2. What comprises this section
    • Who was the subject of the study?
    • What was done in the study?
    • What were the controls used?
    • How was the study performed?
    • How were the results analyzed?
  3. Ethical concerns
  4. Some Dos and Don’ts when presenting the materials and methods
  5. A checklist for a final once-over
  6. Conclusion

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This handbook covers everything you need to better articulate your results.

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