Q: Plagiarism in "review article"

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What is the allowed % of plagiarism for a "review article". I wrote a mini review article on a certain topic from my previous publication, this mean I have high % similarity with my own paper. To give you more detail, my topic is natural compound from plants and I have written multiple papers published in prestigious journals and I collated all the results in mini review. 

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A score between 5% and 10% is not bad per se. A score around 5% is reasonable. Anything over 10% can be a problem, but it is always a good idea to check the plagiarism policy of your target journal.

Most journals do not encourage plagiarism of any kind, including self-plagiarism. In fact, some journals may also consider this as text recycling (if you don’t reference the original source), which refers to repurposing one’s own previously published work without proper referencing. Some journal editors may regard such a submission unfavorably, like in this case, where the journal was on the verge of retracting the review article.

While there is much debate and many differing views on this topic, we would suggest that you sufficiently cite the original article to avoid any such problems during the review phase.

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