Q: What does a change from 'Awaiting Decision' to 'Awaiting Reviewer Selection' mean?

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After revising and resubmit an article (the first peer review result was "minor revisions"), the status changed after 3 weeks to "Awaiting Decision". However, yesterday the status reverted back to "Awaiting Reviewer Selection". What can this mean? The platform is scholarone.

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This probably mean a change of reviewers after  the first review. This may be to journal policy or delayed answer of the first round reviewers to review the revised version.


Thank you for your question. The status, "Awaiting Decision" means that the manuscript is being processed. You'll see this status at the start and end of the review cycle. The status, "Awaiting Reviewer Selection" indicates that the preliminary checks have been completed and that the manuscript is now ready to be sent to the select reviewers and will be sent once the reviewers are finalized. This is a specific substep of the review cycle.