Q: Does my paper reach publication standards?

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I am a high school student who is interested in sociology. I want to know if the paper I am working on is valuable and reaches publication standard.

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Generally speaking, it is unusual for a high school student to publish an academic paper. However, such instances, though rare, have occurred in the past.  I have no idea about the nature of the paper you are currently working on; hence, it would not be possible for me to judge its value or standard.

As you would probably know, an academic paper is very different from a term paper or a final essay. It has to be a work of independent research. You would first need to do a detailed literature review and come up with a relevant research question. Your analysis should be original and based on independent research.  If you feel that your paper meets all these requirements, you could perhaps show it to your Sociology teacher or a subject-matter expert and ask him/her if it is publication worthy.