Q: Can my patent-related contents be published in a journal?

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Can I publish my patent about architecture building in any architecture related journal? If my contents are good, what will be beneficial for me?

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Patent rules are country specific. In the US, publicly using or selling an invention more than 1 year prior to filing a patent application completely bars you from ever winning a patent on that invention, but in Europe, there is no 1-year grace period; you are barred from getting your invention patented the moment you make a public disclosure. Therefore, European scientists make sure they file their patent application first and then publish in a journal or present the idea at a conference.

You should find out what the patent rules in your country are. To avoid problems, you should file your patent application first and then publish a research paper on it in an academic journal. 

Additionally, if you wish to publish a paper related to your patent, I think it would be best to inform the journal editor about this before you submit your paper, just in case they have any rules about publishing patent related information.

Publishing a journal paper will help you make your invention known to the scientific community. In addition to giving fame and respect, it will also help you get grants. Additionally, it will also be a good addition to your CV.