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Most of my colleagues were either too busy to help or, likewise, didn't have the skill set to offer any additional help. I was able to post specifics about my needs on Kolabtree and get the perfect consultant to help me

- Public Health Volunteer and Nursing PhD Student

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Sukant Khurana

PhD, Neuropsychology

University of Texas, Austin

Neuropsychology Data Analysis

Lester Ingber

PhD, Physics

University of California, San Diego

Applied Physics Biophysics

Helen Mitchell

PhD, Food Science & Technology

University of Reading

Food Science & Tech Nutrition Science

Lisa Skipper

PhD, Molecular Genetics

University College London

Genetics & Genomics Neurology

Jo Anne Schneider

PhD, Social Anthropology

Temple University

Social Sciences Public Policy

Eldon Spackman

PhD, Pharmaceutical Outcomes & Policy

University of Washington

Health Economics Public Health

Alexander Botev

PhD, Machine Learning

University College London

Computer Science Algorithms

Anna Vainshtein

PhD, Molecular Biology

York University

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Find scientific evidence to support a claim to be included in a TEDx talk

An Award-Winning Youth Speaker & Teen Expert
An Experienced Social Scientist

Review literature on the use of a specific drug, to be presented to the senator to influence a change in drug laws

A Scientist and CEO of a Medical Dispensary
A Biologist and Scientific Editor

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