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Refer your friends to Editage

If your friends or colleagues are looking to publish in international journals, tell them about us and enjoy the benefits of our Referral Rewards Program.

The Editage Referral Rewards Program not only makes it easier for you to save more each time you refer a friend to us, but it also enables you to help your friends meet their publication goals.

  • You get a $20 discount coupon when each of your friends places his/her first order with us. The more people you refer the more coupons you get.
  • Discount coupons can be combined – Collect enough coupons to get your manuscript edited for free!
  • You can use your referral coupon(s) on any of our services.
  • Your friends receive a 10% discount on their first assignment with us.
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To refer a friend to Editage, please fill out the form below. Once, we receive your referral, we will write to your friend(s) to understand the kind of publication support they need.




Note: The email addresses you provide will remain confidential and will not be shared with any third party.

Terms and conditions

  • Your referral discount coupon will be shared with you after your friend has placed and confirmed his/her first order with us.
  • You can redeem the coupon against any of our services.
  • You can collect multiple coupons and redeem them at once. This means that if you collect enough coupons, you can get your manuscript edited free of cost!
  • At the time of redeeming your coupon, please remember to cite your coupon number.