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Dissertation Editing Services and Proofreading Services By Dissertation Editors

Proofread Dissertation by our subject specialist professional editors

Your dissertation showcases your academic competence and contributes directly to your grades, your degree, and your job prospects. You’ve worked hard to put it together. But given the importance of this academic document, you decide you need some professional help with your final dissertation to ensure it meets the standards of the dissertation committee.
That’s where we step in.

Our dissertation editing services, dissertation proofreading services and dissertation editor services have been designed to help you prepare a high-quality dissertation that you can submit with confidence. Every assignment is matched to a professional dissertation editor from the same subject. The dissertation editing service will polish the language in your dissertation; rid it of all grammatical, typographical, and punctuation errors; and present the highlights of your research more impactfully.

We have dropped our prices for thesis and dissertation editing and proofreading services. Order now to get the lowest possible rates.

Three-step Dissertation Editing model

The Premium Dissertation Editing Service follows the three-step editing model.

Manuscript-Editor Pairing

Your dissertation is assigned to a highly qualified dissertation editor from your subject area.

Editing and Journal Formatting

The editor uses his/her prior dissertation writing and editing experience to focus on the key aspects of your document, without altering its content and meaning.


Once your dissertation is edited and delivered to you, you review it and get back to your editor with any doubts or questions related to our Dissertation Editing and Proofreading Services.


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**Our editor will reduce up to 20% of your word count under the Premium Editing and up to 10% under the Advanced Editing, if required by your target journal. There are no word count reduction limits under Scientific Editing. However, where word reduction could lead to loss of factual content, the editor will not make the changes directly but will instead offer suggestions to reduce content.

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