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English Phrases Correction & Grammar Sentence Correction Services

If you are an author looking to publish your work, you will want to ensure that it presents your thoughts clearly and is free from embarrassing errors. Editage’s high-quality English sentence correction services do just that. Our professional editors are proficient in checking all kinds of grammar and language issues. We will not only correct the glaring errors in your English language words, sentences, phrases, like any English sentence correction and grammar check service, but also identify and resolve the deeper flaws in your text and phrases that can potentially dilute its impact.

  • Typographical & grammatical errors
  • Incorrect terminology
  • Dangling modifiers
  • Contradictions
  • Awkward sentence constructions
  • Word choice errors
  • Parallelism issues
  • Unclear antecedents
  • Inconsistencies

We have 3163+ native English-speaking editors covering more than 1640 subject areas, and will assign your manuscript to an expert from your field. Our editors have considerable experience in working with authors for whom English is a second language, and will ensure that your writing is clear, readable, and conveys exactly what you intended. If you are a researcher wanting to publish your paper in a high-impact journal, Editage is the perfect choice for you. Read on to know more.

Three different service levels. The same high quality.

30% faster acceptance rate i


Advanced Editing

Premium Editing

Scientific Editing Pro

Corrects errors in grammar, spelling, and technical terminology. Improves sentence structure for better readability

Improves overall manuscript structure by correcting problems in the organization and flow of content. Free re-editing for 12 months.

Strengthens your overall research design based on advice from experts with journal peer review experience. Includes a detailed content review report.

Services Available

Sentence by sentence correction of grammar

Consistency & accuracy of domain specific terminology

In-depth check for format, terminologies and citations by a subject area experts

Improvements in structure, logic & flow of content

EDITAGE EXCLUSIVEExpert recommendation and content improvements by peer reviewers

PREMIUM FEATUREResponse letter check and multiple rounds of journal formatting

Protects you from post submission rejects

$0.026/word (after 35% discount)

Premium editing by editors with average 20+ years' experience

Recommended for

Authors who have organized their content and only want sentence-level language editing.

Authors who have limited experience in writing well-organized papers for journals.

Authors targeting top-class journals which have high standards for research content.

Additional services

Edit and review by 2 editors

Editing certificate to submit to your target journal  sample

Q&A with your editor

EDITAGE EXCLUSIVEEditor Consultation on Call

$200 (after 20% discount)

$200 (after 20% discount)

Formatting as per target journal guidelines

1 Journal FREE

1 Journal FREE

Multiple journals FREE

1 round (@60% discount) for 365 days

Unlimited for 12 Months FREE

Unlimited for 12 Months FREE

Cover letter  sample

Plagiarism check report   sample


Unlimited rounds FREE

Scientific review report  sample


*If your paper faces rejection at a target journal, we will format it for free for another journal of your choice. This reformatting support can be availed of unlimited times within the 365-day free re-editing period.
**Word reduction is offered up to the extent specified, only at the author’s instructions or to meet the target journal’s word limit. In cases where word reduction can lead to loss of factual content, the editor will not make the changes directly but will instead offer suggestions to reduce content.

Types of manuscripts supported by our English Grammar and English Phrases Correction Services.

Research reports

Thesis manuscripts


Case reports

Grant proposals


Website content


Annual reports


papers edited


authors served


subjects covered




years of experience

Editage is a trusted partner to researchers, journals, and academic institutions across the globe.
  • Largest in-house editorial team
  • No-questions-asked guarantee
  • 3163+ subject-specialist English editors
  • Personalized and seamless customer experience

Three Levels of Editing

The English Editing or English sentence correction service has three levels in order to serve every editorial need. The levels differ in terms of the scope of edit and post-editing support. Choose the level that is better suited to your manuscript type and publication goal.

Advanced Editing

This English sentence correction service

  1. English grammar check and correct use of punctuation

  2. Eliminates typographical and consistency errors

  3. Polishes the language in the document

This English language correction service is suitable for all document types, including research reports, thesis manuscripts, essays, grant proposals, website content, brochures, annual reports, and more.

Premium Editing

This level offers all the English sentence corrections and language polishing support under Advanced Editing, as well as improves the logical flow of paragraphs in the paper. It additionally provides

  1. Free *multiple-round editing for 365 days

  2. A cover letter for journal submission

  3. A manuscript assessment report

It is especially suitable for manuscripts targeting journal submission, such as research papers and scientific articles.

Scientific Editing


Premium Editing + Plagiraism Check Report and Content review by peer reviewers for jop journals with unlimited round of revisions for same/multiple journals.

*The multiple-round editing service allows you to seek editing as many times as you fine-tune your paper. It is offered for free under the Premium Editing services for a period of 365 days, and at a 60% discount under the Advanced Editing service. Because it provides significant cost benefits and continuity in editing support, it is highly sought after by researchers as they keep improving their paper until it is published.

Top 7 reasons to choose Editage’s English Editing And Sentence Correction Services
  • 100% quality guarantee – If you are not 100% satisfied, we will re-edit your paper or return its fee
  • Subject specialists who can understand your research and its unique contribution
  • Quality-focused review of every edited document by a senior editor
  • Post-editing support in the form of unlimited free QnA with your editor and *multiple-round editing
  • 24x7 availability
  • Flexible speeds and affordable prices
  • 100% on-time delivery
Why Editage is the industry’s no. 1 trusted brand for English Editing Services
  • Highly qualified editors - Our team consists of 3163+ Ph.D. scholars from top global universities with expertise in more than 1,640 subject areas. In addition to this, all our editors go through the Basic Editor Training (BET) program, intensive English language training, and various customized programs. Our medical writers also receive specific training in ICH–GCP, CONSORT, and ICMJE guidelines.
  • Best data security – We understand how important it is to you that your research remains confidential, and so we require all our employees to sign confidentiality agreements that are binding. We also keep your research safe by ensuring we’re compliant with the best and latest data security practices, whether it’s through the ISO 9001:2008 certification or managing your files through Editage’s secure Online Job Management System, to which you, your editor, and your client manager have exclusive access. Upon request, we will also sign any additional confidentiality agreements necessary before proceeding with your assignment.
  • 100% quality guarantee – At Editage, your manuscript undergoes two-level language editing by subject specialist editors and reviewers to ensure you receive a well-written and flawless document. Editage’s English Sentence Correction service also comes with unlimited re-editing support and a guarantee that we will work on your manuscript until you’re fully satisfied with the quality of our service.
  • Award-winning customer service – Editage’s unique customer-centric approach includes customized local language support and a highly responsive, empathetic customer service team. We have been internationally recognized at CX Asia Excellence Awards, International Customer Experience Awards, and Consumer Satisfaction Brand Awards (CSBA).

About Editage

Our English Editing services have corrected and improved the manuscripts of authors from more than 191 countries, including the US, UK, UAE, India, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Singapore, and South Korea.

We fully understand publication requirements, having edited more than 180,000 manuscripts.

We offer the complete range of publication solutions, including Translation with Editing, Research Promotion, Publication Support . We are a one-stop solution for all your research communication needs.

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